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Scratch - A Great First Step Into g

Scratch is a visual programming language developed by MIT.  It uses color coded blocks to create programs for "sprites" or characters on the Scratch "stage."  There are multiple blocks to choose from, including motion, sound, event, sensing, looks blocks and more. The user connects these blocks to create the program.  Multiple programs can be written at a time, on different stages, and with different sprites.  Not only can you create these programs, but you can also customize the stages and sprites using Scratch's drawing tools.  Scratch programs range from easy storytelling, to complex games.  

What's great about Scratch for beginners is the syntax is taken out of the equation so the "coder" can concentrate on the basic concepts of coding, like using loops, conditionals and variables to make his or her program run correctly.  There is an instant gratification when the coder can see how the program works immediately.  This also allows for quick learning, as the developer gets to "fail" quickly, and then easily adjust the program by adding, deleting, or rearranging the blocks.

Most look at Scratch and think this is a program only for kids, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  In fact, Harvard University uses Scratch in their CS50 course, an intro to computer science course, as a beginning problem set for those new to computer science.  Not only is it a good starting point for adults, it's fun as well!  Who says adults can have fun while they learn?

Not only is Scratch great for adult and child beginning coders, it's great in the classroom too.  Teachers can use Scratch in education in a multitude of ways.  In fact, there is an entire ScratchEd community out there figuring out cool ways to implement Scratch in the classroom.

Nerd Orchard is trying to "break the mold" of what others believe is the "correct" route to learning tech skills.  We believe everyone's path will be different, but what's most important is that you simply start your journey.  So if you've been thinking about learning to code or improving your tech knowledge, check out our Upcoming Classes and see which one is best to start your journey.  We can't wait to help you along the way.


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